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TRiones Motor Racing 川歐力士

Motorcycle parts

About Us

To develop the design locomotive modified products
Own brand
Since its establishment more than 25 years
Brake calipers for more than 15 years of research expertise

The company is committed to professional research and development of the braking system
Such as various types of R & D calipers, brake disc, brake tubing, brake lever, the seat of each vehicle type caliper
And an outer brake systems and other manufacturing various aluminum products

Brake products to achieve the most accurate of the brake Accuracy
The company invested considerable cost and time
Various studies on the brake system
And spend tens of millions to introduce a variety of related equipment
All products are brake after machine thousands of times test .. and the actual road tests 3 to 6 months
ensure product safety After officially listed

The company adhere to the material part of the product will be use as a raw material of aluminum alloy 7075
Made with CNC computer cutting
At the same time orders to meet customer demand customized products
The company's various products and provide after-sales service.



Company Archive
Company Name: TRiones Motor Racing 川歐力士 Company Type: Manufacturer ( Southeast Asia )
Area: Taiwan/Taipei City Company Size:
Registered Capital: 6000 ten Thousands USD Registered Year: 2001
Security deposit: Already 0.00 USD
Business Type: Southeast Asia
Business Scope: Motorcycle parts
Sell Goods: 40mm CNC Four-piston Calipers - R | 40mm CNC Four-piston Titanium Calipers L | 100mm 3D CNC Radial Calipers - R | Floating Rotor Disc TR-5 FOR Cygnus-245mm | VIP Oil Tube Red
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